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At Mission Hydrogen we aim to support, promote and enable the hydrogen society. Mission Hydrogen is the independent partner of the worldwide community, organizes (online) events and does consultancy for companies on their way to a profitable hydrogen future.

Megatrend Wasserstoff: Was heißt das für die Region Ingolstadt & Sie?

January 19, 16:00 CET (GERMAN):
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Georg Rosenfeld l
Vorstand Wirtschaftsförderung und
Digitalisierung l IFG Ingolstadt and
Dr.-Ing. David Wenger, Gründer von
Wenger Engineering GmbH und
Mission Hydrogen GmbH

Revolutionizing backup power technology with alkaline fuel cells

January 20, 16:00 CET (ENGLISH):
Speaker: Rami Reshef l CEO and co-founder
and Gil Shavit l President, CBDO and co-founder
GenCell Energy


March 25, 2021 – 09:00 CET (ENGLISH)

100+ world class experts, 150+ exhibitors, 15,000+ participants

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Why Mission Hydrogen?

We believe that a hydrogen society will only be possible if we cooperate. The production and usage of “green” hydrogen is crucial to decarbonize the industry and the transportation sector and to protect the climate.

Now is the time to strengthen the hydrogen community, to cultivate it and to involve more companies, entrepreneurs, politicians and the media.

That’s why we organize a free webinar on the subject hydrogen every month and the world’s largest
Hydrogen-Online-Conference:  hydrogen-online-conference.com

Silke Frank, CEO

Silke Frank is the leading networker in the Hydrogen Industry worldwide. Since 2004, together with her colleagues she has organized more than 50 events all over Europe, Japan, USA, Canada, Brazil and Australia. Silke is a Master of Communication and Networking.

Her attitude: Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. And the time of hydrogen is now.

Hydrogen is THE Energy Carrier of the Future

We have experienced a strong development in the hydrogen sector over the last years. While mainly “the usual suspects” were involved some years ago, lots of interesting business cases are possible now, enabling great opportunities for companies.

What is Hydrogen

Hydrogen is a diverse energy source and carrier and essential component for integrated energy management. 

The Time is Now

CO2 emissions must be reduced to a minimum to keep the planet worth living in.

National Hydrogen Strategy

No matter where you use hydrogen technology, think long term.

Your Hydrogen Future is Our Mission

The time is now to decide: „Shall my company or institution be part of it or not?” No matter if you have been in the industry for years or if you are just starting: We support you on your way.


Mission Hydrogen helps you to make your projects and products even more visible and to find the right partners, suppliers and customers through a global network and online marketing.


Mission Hydrogen does consultancy for companies and institutions on their way to a profitable hydrogen future. With tens of thousands of community members, Mission Hydrogen is the essential platform for contacts, “Who is Who” and “Whom should I ask” kind of questions.


Mission Hydrogen organizes your hydrogen event and promotes it using one of the largest coverages in the hydrogen industry world wide.

Hydrogen Knowledge

Mission Hydrogen organizes a free hydrogen webinar weekly . Register now.

Become a Member of our Mission Hydrogen Team

Webinar Sponsors: Powerful Partners

We organize a large hydrogen webinar every week with participants from all over the world. As a sponsor of our webinar series you create maximum brand awareness for your company in the hydrogen industry.

Please contact Silke Frank to learn more about the sponsorship opportunities: silke.frank@mission-hydrogen.de

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